Yusuke Kobayashi

小林 雄介

Project Director


Yusuke Kobayashi represents “Universal Groove Co., Ltd.”, which is considered to be a Audio & Vision specialist as well as a designer for special equipment. He has been a partner with WORKTECHT since the beginning of the WORKTECHT-establishment. Yusuke Kobayashi’s range of design is very wide, which can be found from Las Vegas to Takarazuka. He is able to use the power of design to make light and sound to interact with each other. In addition, he is a very good and reliable coordinator at the site.

主要業務範圍包括與音響, 舞台演出照明等特殊裝備相關的設計. 身為Universal groove代表的他, 與WORKTECHT的共同合作關係於企業設立初期就開始了.從拉斯維加斯到寶塚歌舞, 無論是哪一種型態, 都具備將音源與燈光完美連結的能力. 除此之外, 也十分擅長於現場與各相關人員部門的溝通與協調.


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