Oscar Lee

李 穰璿

Project Designer


Graduated from Fu-Shin trade and art school Taiwan and Art Center College of Design Pasadena California major in environmental design, with working experience from 2006 No.8 design studio as design assistant as project designer till late 2008, the next year become Oscar interior design founder till present. Cooperate with WORKTECHT since early 2014 mainly finalization of all project drawings. He believes “to satisfy Clients requirement also provide maximize comfort usable design are the main purpose and responsibility of doing design, think as user design as own house.”

畢業於台灣復興美工後前往加州設計大學攻讀環境設計學系至2002,而後於2006至2008年底在八號設計工作室擔任設計助理後續成為設計師 2008年底創立奧斯卡室內設計直至現在。 與WORKTECHT合作自2014年初起以完成所有項目物件圖面為中心展開。 他認為“做設計的主要目的和責任在於滿足客戶的要求與提供最大化的舒適性,因此無論何時都抱持著以設計自己家的觀點來做為處理所有客戶案子的出發點與原則。"


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