Katrine Riekstina

Katrine Riekstina

Associate Director


Katrine Riekstina has an interior design background from Tokyo Gakuin Design Collage, MA from Waseda University Tokyo, Japan in Japanese Culture & Language. She joined WORKTECHT in 2005 and in 2012 did move to Tanzania to extend the WORKTECHT lighting design brand in Africa. Since 2008 she is an Associate member of IALD International Association of Lighting Designers. She thinks that "Shadows do shape the building and space. Lighting does shape the human mood and feelings, it unites and integrates all people around the world. When I design I think about how the space will feel and functionality. In Africa I do focus on energy saving sustainable lighting design solutions maintained by power of nature.''

曾就讀於Tokyo Gakuin Design Collage室內設計,而後於東京早稻田大學取得日本文化與日文的碩士學位。2005年加入WORKTECK,於2012年在非洲坦桑尼亞設立WORKTECHT非洲分公司。從2008年成為IALD國際燈光設計師認可. 提起照明設計, 她相信 ”陰影塑造了建築和空間。燈光則是將人類的情緒和情感付諸於型。世界各地的人因為光的連結而變得更加團結。思考設計時, 空間的感覺和功能性對我個人來說, 是非常重要的。而在非洲實,則是會選擇利用自然的力量,將注意力投入於節能省碳、盡力達成方案物件長久持存的目標。


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