Hiroko Senda

千田 裕子

Lighting Designer


Lighting plays a important role to produce special spaces for buildings and gardens. After Senda was convinced of this, she became interested in the profession of lighting design and joined WORKTECHT. She experienced with lighting design in many scenes such as hotels and restaurants. She says, "Lighting design requires deep understanding of every single element such as building, art, interior, for example, that consists of a space, which gives me both hurdles and funs through my work." Senda's goal is to ensure that the role of the lighting designer is better recognized and that the significance of the light is broadly understood.

相信燈光在處理建築, 庭院等特別的空間領域時扮演十分重要的腳色的千田, 為此對照明設計產生興趣而加入WORKTECHT&Co.. 而後曾參與許多飯店, 餐廳的物件. 她認為為了要達成光設計想要營造出的氛圍, 要把握的不只是建築空間, 還包括了室內設計, 藝術與其它與所在空間相關的要素, 這是照明設計最有趣的地方. 目前她希望透過照明設計, 讓人更了解燈光設計師存在的重要性, 進而對照明設計有更進一步的了解.


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