Atsushi Kaneda

金田 篤士



Lighting designers in overseas market demonstrated to Kaneda their unique ways to do their works and how differently they positioned the light, which left him great impressions, and in 1996, he founded WORKTECHT as the first company in Japan to offer lighting design service as its main business. He is engaged in a broader range of activities in all fields and genres related to light such as products, art works, and Web beyond the framework of lighting design. Kaneda's motto is "Create the light that linger in memory.". He will never stop achieving successes for WORKTECHT, a pioneer to deal with the light, in both Japanese and other markets.

1996年金田因有機會參予理解海外照明設計師在進行照明設計時對光在設計上的處理而受到感銘, 之後成立了以照明設計為主要業務的WORKTECHT&Co.. 現在的業務範圍除了主要業務的照明設計之外, 還含括了所有與光相關的各種業務, 像是照明器具, 藝術, 平面設計等其他設計領域 . 他以, 設計出能留在觀者記憶中的燈光, 為指標, 希望以光設計開創者之一的身分, 向世界各國持續拓展WORKTECHT&Co.的照明設計.


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