Andy Leung

梁 進業

Managing Director


After working at the architect design companies in Hong Kong and Sydney, Andy joined WORKTECHT. After the HK branch was established, and he has been working in his position from September 2010. Since that moment, he has been in charge of the projects in China, Indonesia, Philippines and etc. If Andy has time or chance before a project starts, he always wants to have a walk in the country which the project is located in. Because he believes that using flexible ways to think about light by respecting the local cultures and histories is a very important key point for making good light.

在香港和雪梨的建築設計公司就業後, 加入於2010年成立的WORKTECHT& 身為總監的他, 主要 負責中國, 菲律賓, 東南亞等地方案的相關事宜. 在正式著手物件設計前, 若是有機會, 則是全力爭取在物件所在的場所與國家裡散步, 進而感受周圍人文環境. 相信使用靈活的思考方式, 加上透過尊重當地文化和歷史來思考燈光構想, 是促成方案成功的重要的關鍵點之一.


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