Tamae Yamato

大和 珠枝

Lighting Designer


Yamato was always interested in different types of arts as tools to express herself and became attracted by light that is not visible but has a certain nature that can be fully designed in a logical manner, which made her decided to join WORKTECHT as a new graduate. As a lighting designer, she has been involved in multiple tasks from design to coordination on the field. The light is hard to handle because it cannot be controlled as you imagine on the drawing, which actually motivates her to aim higher. Her goal is to successfully complete a lighting design that lingers in memory and reflects her own personality.

對許多能夠表現自我的藝術領域抱有興趣的大和, 特別感受到無形的光的魅力, 畢業後選擇了進入WORKTECHT&Co.. 身為一位照明設計師, 所參與的不只是設計還包含了在現場的統合業務. 很多時候, 在實現光設計時, 並無法完全按照圖紙上的計畫來展現, 正因為如此使她更想克服困難. 在保留自己的個性之餘, 希望能設計出讓人印象深刻的設計.


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