Masahiro Osaki

尾崎 真弘

Design Director


Osaki studied architecture and design in various fields in the UK. While he learned different forms of designs such as fashion, stages, products, he became interested in the domain of lighting and decided to join WORKTECHT. He has been improving his skill with his experience of lighting design for a broad spectrum of spaces in different sizes in multiple genres. He appreciates close communications with stakeholders because lighting design will impact all kinds of elements including interior and art. Osaki aims at establishing a lighting design that is shapeless but gives a surprise and excitement that only light can create.

在主修過建築與其它相關的設計之後, 赴英留學. 在留學的過程中, 接觸與時尚, 舞台, 商品相關的設計之後, 對光產生了興趣, 之後就業於WORKTECHT&Co.. 曾參與許多各種不同型態的大小物件, 在此加深了對燈光設計的理解與能力. 尾崎認為正是由於照明設計與其它所有與空間相關的要素都有關聯, 溝通協調是非常重要的. 光本身雖然無形, 但卻有牽引出情緒的力量, 因此他希望能在日後設計能感動或帶給人們驚喜的設計.


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