Haruka Uchino

内野 春佳



After her resignation eight years ago, Uchino was reunited with WORKTECHT. She is returning the company her experience gained on the field and engaged in projects with a new perspective. She is involved in a broader range of works including product development in companies in the lighting business community, installation design and graphic design. In her last job, Uchino was given opportunities to directly listen to voice of creators. With this experience, she always tries to ensure that happiness is shared among everyone she works with together. Her professionalism is most visible when she pays full attentions to every single work. For her, nothing beats a drink after a hard day's work.

經過了8年之後, Uchino再次加入WORKTECHT& Co.的團隊. 以她這8年的經驗與舊有的團隊進行合作帶來了許多新鮮的觀點. 她的工作內容很廣, 包括了照明設計產品的開發, 照明設計裝置設計與平面設計. 她說在她之前的工作裡, 常常會與許多創作者有溝通的機會, 因此她總是希望能夠藉由自己的工作成果讓周圍的人感到開心. 同時她也努力地安排時間, 盡量在一段時間當中, 只進行一件事, 來讓每個項目都能達到專業的水準. 就她個人而言, 一日之中最好的時刻就是工作完畢之後的啤酒.


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